Touchez, Wet Illustrated, and Nacho Business on the 22nd

Upcoming Show: Touchez, Wet Illustrated and Nacho Business will be playing at 8 PM on the 22nd. $5 Cover as usual!

Local band Touchez doesn’t play live very often, so here’s your chance to see them! The band is composed of James Williams, lead singer Margaux McFetridge, Dylan Barnes and Vince and Mario Andreoni (Mario plays guitar in !!!/Chk Chk Chk).


We asked James and Margaux some questions:

How long has Touchez been together?  What other bands have you been in?
James: Touchez has been together about four years. Margaux, the Andreoni brothers, and I have all been playing in Sacramento bands since the Loft Days in the 90s. Dylan Barnes, who joined the band a few months ago, moved to Sacramento somewhat recently. He’s originally from Louisiana, but also did a more recent stint in Yuba City. He’s the one with all the technical musical training.Vince and I were in a band called the Spiral States, which is the band that Touchez evolved from after we broke up in 2007. Before the Spiral States, Vince played drums in Acapulco Gold and I played bass in The Yah Mos.


Our bassist Mario (Vince’s brother) was in The Popesmashers and plays guitar in !!!.  And Margaux was in a pop duo called Citrus Heights and she lives in San Francisco now.
Margaux: Basically, James has been writing these amazing pop songs forever and then Spiral States broke up and Mario started playing bass for fun. I was the super fan that finally got asked to join the band. We’ve all known each other forever.


How would you describe your style? I read a review that compared you to Belle and Sebastian. What do you think of that?


James: I don’t really like the comparison to Belle and Sebastian, though I do like the band. When people hear that comparison, I’m sure they have a very specific, very twee sound in mind. I think we sound a lot tougher than B&S, and dancier, if that’s a real word. A better comparison would be to Orange Juice or Aztec Camera.


Margaux: I agree. The comparison isn’t completely out of nowhere, but we’re definitely not as quiet and gentle.


Has your style evolved since you’ve started making music? Do you have any particular influences? 


James: Our sound has remained pretty constant, I think. The biggest long-term changes, though, are that we’ve become more of a two-singer band and have added keyboards.
Margaux: The Andreoni rhythm section really drives the band. We’re definitely more rhythmic than the Spiral States were.

We all have a deep appreciation for pop music,  be it soul, R&B, disco, or brit pop. Our influences run the gamut, but I would say that aside from Aztec Camera and Orange Juice,some others are Sade, Dionne Warwick, Style Council, Fleetwood Mac, and Nilsson.

What do you think of the Sacramento arts/music scene? How does playing here compare to playing in other places?
Margaux: We don’t actually play that much,  so I can’t make that comparison. We’re all pretty busy and Mario tours with !!! a lot. But as someone who has lived in both Sac and the Bay Area, I’m really excited with the art and music scene happening in Sacramento right now. It’s definitely a struggle to get shit started here and people have to be truly invested to make things happen. When places like Bows or the Verge get off the ground, people are actually really psyched. I love that about Sac. A lot of really great stuff comes from here. But at the same time, I think the city could do a lot more to encourage arts, music, and a nightlife scene in general. Too often red tape and mediocre ideas end up killing potentially rad shit here and the end result is that there are bunch of boring restaurants with flat screen tvs.
Here’s a youtube video of Touchez playing at Press Club.
Wet Illustrated is from San Francisco. said this about them: “There’s a playful edge to this band; their riffs are jaunty, and their vocals edge toward the yippy more often than not; they’ve clearly spent some time watching and learning from Robyn Hitchcock.”

Wet Illustrated

Here’s our Q&A with drummer/vocalist Robbie Simon:
How long has Wet Illustrated been together? 
Wet Illustrated has been together for about two years now? Hard to tell as it was just kinda a “fun idea” for a long time but not so much a band, but we had our productive moments back then.
How would you describe your style? One review compared you to “Late 70′s British postpunk”. 
We try to write pop songs that aren’t boring! But we find that many people have had a very similar concept and a lot of them could be considered outer fringe post punk bands so we have no problem with a description like that, in fact we’re very happy if people hear that in our music. Everybody just wants to call any band with loud guitars a Garage band so it’s nice when people can hear other influences.
Has your sound changed at all since you’ve started making music? 
I don’t think our style has changed too dramatically, but we’ve done very little writing and recording since finishing our first LP so maybe by the time #2 comes out we’ll sound like Sammy Hagar era Van Halen. Which would probably broaden our fan base quite a bit …
Have you played in Sac before? How does it compare to playing in SF? 
We are from SF. I (robbie) have recently relocated to Los Angeles, but all three other guys are still in SF for the time being. Hopefully they’ll be joining me in the near future. Wet Illustrated has been on the road a fair amount covering a good amount of California, Sac included. We played a fun show a few months that good ol’ DJ Rick set up for us at the HUB (rip?). I always like playing in Sac, actually! Some times have been more fun than others, but honestly always looking forward to going up there. Definitely overdue for a trip to Squeeze IN Burger !
Where did the name come from? 
The name came from a long winded text message joke bantered between Tim and I. I’ll just leave it that it started with the word Sexcapades and ended in Wet Illustrated. I don’t know if we live up to it but it’s something to strive for.
Here’s a link to a cool review of Wet Illustrated on

Nacho Business


We just added Nacho Business to the bill in place of Devon Williams. SN&R has described the band’s sound as “lo-fi garage pop that’s sweet and tough. The band’s debut 7 inch, produced by Charles Albright, marries a ’60s girl-pop sensibility with ’90s-era twee.” Nacho Business is comprised of Candice Adams, Heather Crocker and Alec Roberts.
Go to their myspace page to listen.


See you at the show!
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