“G” Hum Parade: January 7th

Daniel Trudeau (otherwise known as Pregnant) is spearheading an intriguing project: he’s trying to get a bunch of people with instruments together and have everyone play the chord of “G” while walking through the streets of Sacramento.

The “G” Hum Parade, as it’s called, will start at Bows at 1 PM on January 7th, and will end at Southside Park around 4.

Daniel Trudeau performing as Pregnant (photo by Wes Davis)

I asked Daniel some questions about his project:

First and most obviously, what’s the “point”?

Im trying to let people know that as random as their ideas may be they can always always always be carried through. I thought of doing this while just plain daydreaming in my back yard and now it will physically happen. I also like communal feeling of it and what may be brought out of it as the process unfolds. I also want to see how valid my community is. What I mean by that is: I want to see if people will rise up and support an idea like this, and so far I have strangers from out of the woodwork emailing me so I’m feeling pretty pleased about it,  But yes, more or less it will be a fun experiment.

Where did you get this idea?

I use loop pedals in my performances as “Pregnant”. I love the texture of a layered chord, weather it be a G or a C or what have you. To hear that phenomenon live will be truly surreal I think. I have heard from friends that this has already been done before by someone and just to be clear….originality isn’t the goal here. Its the vibe I’m interested in.

Why the chord of G?

Because I think most people would go for the more serious vibed chords and I think G is more appropriate and happy. To think of a really big happy hum makes me feel good (even just to think of). Someone said G ws “campfirey”. I like that.

Are you going to try to have everyone play the note in a certain rhythm or is it just a jumble of notes?

It will be played sporadically from Bows and Arrows to Southside Park. Then people can carry out and kind of exercise what they want with it. They can go for “chord tunnels” where ten people lined up will be playing G and the next ten C, and so on. They can then run through the tunnels experiencing music by just moving their bodies. Basically when we get to the park its a fee for all. We will have Robert Charles Mull filming the whole thing as well.

Are you hoping for a wide variety of instruments or mostly guitars? 

I’m hoping for a wide variety of instruments but I put the importance on the guitars because most people have them and I want the resonance to be acoustic so….

Do you think it will be possible to really get everyone in tune?

I think so….I’m going to have to really be making sure that everyones tuners are at the the same 440 hertz. And make sure that a qualified musician is tuning their guitars.

What will happen once you get to Southside Park? 

It will basically be a free for all. I want volunteers to come up and ask the group to do whatever they want 100 or more musicians to do. It’ll be pretty hilarious I think.


Daniel is trying to get at least 100 people to participate and already has around 45 confirmed. If you’re interested, you can email him at trudeau.daniel5@gmail.com with your name, phone number and a bit of info about the instrument you’ll be playing. There may be extra instruments if you don’t own one.

RSVP to the Facebook event here. (But don’t forget to email Daniel as well!)

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