Roller Derby Spelling Bee on December 8th

If  you were one of those kids who aced every spelling test in elementary school and are now incredibly bitter that your spelling skills are of no use, we have an event for you!

The Sacred City Derby Girls (yes, roller derby–it’s trendy now) are hosting a Grown-Up Spelling Bee at Bows on December 8th, from 7PM-10PM. The fee to enter is $7-$15 on a sliding scale, and 100% of the proceeds go to Sacramento’s Gender Health Center. The rules will be the same as the Scripps national spelling bee, and the difficulty will increase each round. Participants will get $1 off taps for as long as they keep up with the words!

There will be special themed rounds that you’ll have to show up to find out about…but here’s a teaser: if you lose a round, you have a chance to get back in the game by participating in a “Spell in Your Underwear” round.

The Sacred City Derby Girls

The Sacred City Derby Girls are nationally ranked– they are currently 7th in the West for women’s flat track derby. This time of year is their “down time”, when they host fun events like this one!

As Sacred City Derby Girl Alice said, “We hope that all the smarty pants in the area will come down and show off their mean spelling skills – that means you librarians and med students and closest word nerds.  We also hope that plenty of people will be around to cheer (or heckle) their friends and have something to drink/eat while supporting the Gender Health Center.  Basically, we would like to pack the joint.”

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