1/31: G.Green, Woollen Kits, and The Woolen Men

In honor of Australia Day, we’re hosting an Australian band, Woollen Kits, along with local band G.Green and Portland band The Woolen Men! Well, it’s not really in honor of Australia Day, but it is Australia Day today and Woollen Kits are from Melbourne! These three awesome bands will be playing on Tuesday the 31st at 8.



G. Green started as guitarist Andrew Henderson’s solo project and he eventually started adding members. The lineup has changed over the 4-odd years the band has been in existence, but it now includes Andrew (guitar, vocal), Liz Liles (drums, vocal), Simi Sohota (bass, vocal), and Mike Morales (guitar, vocal).

Dennis Yudt called G.Green’s music “some of the most ear-pleasing sonics going on in town these days” in Midtown Monthly‘s “Sacramento Underground Music from A-Z”. “I have a hard time describing our style,” said Andrew. “Loud.  We’re very loud.  I think the musical direction of my songwriting has changed, yeah, over time, but we’ve always been really loud.  Rick Ele said something once like (I’m paraphrasing here) ‘The perfect pop kernel in Andrew’s songs is betrayed by the intensity [punk] of Liz’s drumming.’”

Andrew is a huge music fan as well as a performer… he amended his first email twice with bands that he’s been influenced by, so I had to include his list in here. “I ingest music like crazy,” he said. “My favorite record or band is constantly changing.  Some of the bands that have influenced me over the course of these last few years though:  Tyvek, Pere Ubu, Psychedelic Horseshit, Husker Du, Pavement, The Summer Hits, The Beach Boys, Wire, GZA, Sibylle Baier, The Dead C, Leonard Cohen, VOM, Rik L Rik, Neil Young, Henry’s Dress, Nar (well, all of Scott Miller’s bands, really), Mayyors,  Bob Dylan, Drunks with Guns, Fleetwood Mac, Jonathan Richman, The Fall, The Verlaines, Jim Shepard, Ron House, Mike Rep, the Strokes, Roxy Music, David Bowie, The Pixies,  Yo La Tango, the Wipers…that’s just a few of the zillions I’ve discovered in my tireless pursuit to fill my entire bedroom with records.”


Woollen Kits

Woollen Kits had just left for their tour when I contacted them, but they were kind enough to send me some info via a hostel computer despite the fact that there were “some massive a-holes behind [them] playing ping pong.” This is their first international tour, and they’re going big–driving across the entire U.S., where they’re anticipating seeing a lot of “snowy cornfields”. “The decision to make our first overseas tour be to the USA was kind of an obvious choice for us,” they said, “since there seems to be a bit of interest in Aussie stuff in the USA at the minute, with RIP Society bands and NOTV, Blank Realm, Total Control and UV Race, etc., having done some really successful tours recently. As for Sacramento, we’re fans of DJ Rick’s Art For Spastics radio show [KDVS] and were really keen to play on that, so it was real convenient to go 20 minutes down the road.”

Woollen Kits described their style as “jangly guitar pop/powerpop with a (hopefully) tougher rock and roll garage edge at the moment”, but they said they “have always focused on writing decent songs first and foremost.” Their influences include “the obvious Velvet Underground, Modern Lovers, Saints and the Clean kinda influence – but [bandmember] Tom R is a big country music and Springsteen fan, Leon is really into lots of Psych kinda stuff and Tom H is really into new wave and powerpop all of which play a part in the sound too”


The Woolen Men

Though they aren’t directly related, Rick Ele paired The Woolen Men with Woollen Kits for the West Coast leg of the the Woollen Kits’ tour purely because their names are so similar. That, and they play a similar genre of music. “We’re fans of Australian music — even did a Go-Betweens cover a little while back — and have known about the ‘Kits for a couple years now,” said bandmember Raf Spielman. “Worst band on the planet, easily.  We agreed to do the tour just to see if they would really be as awful live as they were on record.” [sarcasm, I assume]

The Woolen Men have been around since 2009, and have become very well known in their native Portland. Raf described their sound as “1/3 Pop, 1/3 Garage/60s stuff, 1/3 Post-punk. I would say that’s also the formula for Classic College Rock — REM, the Bats, Robyn Hitchcock/Soft Boys, Go-Betweens, Flying Nun, all that stuff.  And that’s pretty much where we started.”

Portland is somewhat notorious for its blossoming indie music “scene”, but Raf had an interesting take on it. “Both Lawton and I grew up in Portland, which is actually sort of rare in the Portland scene,” he said. “I think we feel a deeper than average affinity with bands like the Wipers, Dead Moon, Neo Boys.  So we look up to these punk bands, but the mainstream Portland scene is not punk at all, and we’re maybe not punk enough for the rock kids.  So we’re kind of off doing our own thing.  But there’s good music everywhere in this town and we definitely feed off of that.  I can hear bits and pieces of other Portland bands in our music — Psychic Feline, Eat Skull, Nucular Aminals, Orca Team.  I would like to think that we’ve rubbed off a little on other bands as well.”


Show starts at 8

$5 Door Charge

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