Hooded Cape Show-2/17


We are presenting our first ever fashion show featuring hooded capes on February 17th at 9PM!

Sitting on the back patio at Bows, Trisha Rhomberg and Liz Donner were talking about the capes Donner had recently made. Intrigued by the utility and shape, Trisha set out to plan Bows and Arrows’ first ever fashion show with the theme of hooded capes to accompany our Northern California wet winter.

A Wald Wolken cape

Digging through old photos of 1960′s patterns, Frank Zappa and her friend’s personal designs, the wheels were in motion and a host of local designers agreed to participate in the fashion event.

All handmade and of original design, designers Liz Donner, Shane Bellmer, Kara Perez, Nicole Honeyeater, Amanda Carroll, Lindsay Rickman,  Zara Hayes and Bows owner Trisha Rhomberg will each be sending two looks out on display on models.

This is where you have heard the designers’ names before:

Liz Donner =  Fool’s Foundation, Wald Wolken 

Shane Bellmer =  Rad Geometry

Kara Perez = Porkchop, Crimson & Clover

Nicole Honeyeater = Crimson & Clover, flaminghagfolkware

Amanda Carrol = yeaduso,  urbancycling

Trisha Rhomberg = Bows and Arrows, pretty trashy verge 

Lindsay Rickman = lindsayLindsay23

Zara Hayes =  Pamela Hayes Classical Ballet , art istallation

The designers

Thanks to the citizen rosebud

and girls on the grid  for photos!

RSVP to the Facebook Event Here.

The show will be held on February 17th at 9 PM.  I hope you all come to see the capes!

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  1. Ooooh, I’m there. I love capes. I love bows. I love arrows. And most of those designers are some of the best things about Sac.

  2. Melanie says:

    I love all these capes!!! Great theme for a show.

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