Autumn Sky and The Bicycle Rider/The Listen Now! Second Saturday: 4/14

THIS SECOND SATURDAY, April 14th: Autumn Sky and The Bicycle Rider!


Autumn Sky

With a name like that, a ukelele, bangs like Zooey Deschanel and emotional lyrics that counteract her sweet-as-sugar voice, it’s no surprise Autumn Sky has gained so much popularity in Sacramento. She won “Artist of the Year” and “Best Singer-Songwriter” at last year’s SAMMIES, and she’s garnered a solid local following. “Sometimes I think that I would never have been as loved and supported as much anywhere else!” said Autumn, who grew up in Portland. “Sacramento has been so good to me and being in a small scene like this has been amazing…No matter what happens in my career, this will always be my home base. I’ve never loved anywhere more.”

Autumn describes her style as “indie-pop”, not surprisingly, but she’s adamant about the fact that she’s not just a pretty face. “I think what appeals to people the most about my music is how honest my songs are,” she said. “You see me for the first time, and I’m all little and petite, and I’m sure most people who don’t know me assume I’m just going to play a lot of cute little songs and try and milk the “adorable” angle…I have always been a person with something to say. I sing about what’s tremendously personal to me in hopes that someone will hear my song and feel like they’ve been there, too. In a way I think that’s almost your job as a songwriter. You’re there to tell it like you see it and leave no holds barred. You’re there to get into peoples souls a little.

Autumn has come out with one EP (“Diminutive, Petite” in 2008) and one full-length album (“All Which Isn’t Singing”, also 2008.) Her next album, “The Hallelujah Chorus”, will be released within the next month and a half. “It makes my knees shake just thinking about it,” she said. “I’ve been waiting four years to give people new music and I am so intensely proud of the work I put into it this time around. I wish I could put it online right this instant.”

The first single off “The Hallelujah Chorus”


Keith Gray

Local musician Keith Gray is known for his band The Bicycle Rider, which was coined as “quirky ballroom pop” by Rachel Leibrock in her article about the band in the Sac Bee. Recently, he started a new project called “The Listen Now!”, which he’ll be showcasing at the Second Saturday show. “As far as sound goes its in the the vein of ‘The Wanted’ and ‘The All-American Rejects,’” said Keith. “However the content of ‘The Listen Now!’ is appropriate for every age. It is a very fun lighthearted style.”

Keith has lived in the Bay Area and Los Angeles, but currently lives in Sacramento. “I think the Sacramento arts/music scene is relaxed,” he said. “But nice, there is a community for the arts but I’d like to see more enthusiasm and support for it. We have a lot of talented artists/musicians in this town. Perhaps we should make every day more like Second Saturday.”

Keith is currently working on the debut EP for The Listen Now!, which will be released this Summer.
Show starts at 8
$5 Door Charge
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