Tatsuya Nakatani and Fibers: 10/20

This Saturday the 2oth, we are excited to present a special percussion show featuring Tatsuya Nakatani and Fibers!


Tatsuya Nakatani

Tatsuya Nakatani is a creative percussionist originally from Osaka, Japan, who is now based in Easton, PA. He’s been playing for over 18 years, though his style has changed a bit during that time. Nakatani has played countless shows during his extensive tours all over the world. He is the creator of the Nakatani Gong Orchestra, a group percussion act that played at Bows last year. For this show, Nakatani will be performing solo.

Nakatani’s performances are very experimental and incorporate a multitude of instruments, including gongs, drums, cymbals, singing bowls, metal objects and bells, sticks, kitchen tools and homemade bows. Nakatani’s approach to music is “visceral, non-linear and intuitively primitive, expressing an unusually strong spirit while avoiding any categorization,” reads his website bio. “His approach is steeped in the sensibilities of free improvisation, experimental music, jazz, rock and noise, and yet retains the sense of space and quiet beauty found in traditional Japanese folk music.”

Nakatani said he doesn’t have any specific influences, but he’s influenced by “every day and every moment.”


Fibers (photo by Jeannette Faith)

Fibers is comprised of two well known Sacramento musicians: Kevin Corcoran of Dead Western and Wes Steed of Hearts + Horses. Both Kevin and Wes have explored improvised music in other projects and are expanding on the idea with Fibers; outside of playing at gigs, they don’t practice together. “Our style is improvised music in which all sounds are acceptable. Our focus is directed toward texture and timbre rather than harmony or melody, and is not concerned with rhythm as a way to think about sound in time,” said Kevin. “Each set is different and I hope is at some point approaching some new musical experience for both of us, and for the listener. I think we both strive to make music outside of any singular type, working to open up some interesting sonic situation.”

Kevin has played with Tatsuya on several occasions. “[Tatsuya] represents an underheard area of percussion music combining certain orchestral techniques with inspirations from the history of free improvisation and traditional/regional styles of music,” said Kevin. “While many percussionists share some of these techniques and inspirations, Tatsuya is very much a singular force behind his drum kit.”


Show starts at 8

$5 Door Charge

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