Peck the Town Crier, Grex and The LURK: 3/26



Peck the Town Crier

Peck the Town Crier

Peck the Town Crier was created in 2005, when Chris Peck started performing¬† outdoor poetry in San Francisco. He performs alone, but notes that he is not a “lone crier”– “A lot of badasses are involved in recording my albums, sometimes co-writing with me, always interpreting the songs I give them,” said Peck. “At times, I even put a band together for a while.”

Peck calls his style “song rap”. “Imagine if a whole genre were born of Dee-Lite’s ‘Groove Is In the Heart’,” he said. He cited his influences as Weather Report, Claude Debussy, Deerhoof, Mystikal, the Dirty Projectors, Ted Leo, the Velvet Teen, Death Grips, Little Dragon, Dungen, WHO MADE WHO, and Shabazz Palaces. Peck is currently working on his eleventh record, titled “Ancient Baby” and “dedicated to the planet Earth, and a feeling of gentleness for it.”




Oakland based Grex has been around since 2008, and last year added their third member, Robert Lopez on drums. They’re calling this tour their “anniversary tour”, which will take them to both coasts. Grex’s sound is commonly described as “art rock”, but band member Karl prefers the term “free jazz chamber pop”.

“Although we started as a minimalist guitar/piano duo–playing in a much sparser vein–we’ve evolved to incorporate electronic elements and more straightforward “noise rock” components,” Karl said. “The core of the music–a blend of free jazz and “hooky” song–is there.” Grex is part of a select group of musicians synthesizing popular song with an experimental sensibility that legendary guitarist Fred Frith dubbed the “New Song Movement”.

Grex has released three albums so far, and they are releasing their first official album as a trio later this year, tentatively titled “Monster Music”.


The Lurk

The Lurk

The LURK is Nick Carvajal’s one-man-band from Davis. Carvajal’s music is fun and varied; the name The LURK is a nod to Carvajal’s love for “lurking in diverse musical settings”. “For years now I’ve realized how much more enjoyable my music becomes when I first make the effort to play the music of others – world music, old time music, doo wop, country, or when I make the effort to play a supporting role, be a sideman to someone’s project,” said Carvajal. “Slaving for years on solely my “solo project” or band is not my idea of fun.”

Carvajal described his performances as The LURK as “somewhat of a spectacle”. “I play a suitcase as a kick drum, and kick a snare drum on its side – so that my feet are the drummer,” he said. “I play guitar, sing, and occasionally blow harp. ¬†My setlist is half and half covers and originals and the styles vary like the styles I play when I’m not the Lurk.”

Carvajal said he’s hoping to finish his first 7” this summer.


Show starts at 8

$5 Door Charge

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