Cerebral Fantasies: Artwork by Alyssa Silva


Our next bathroom art show features the work of artist/musician Alyssa Silva. Cerebral Fantasies will be on view April 13 – May 10. Join us for the second Saturday reception on April 13!

You recently moved here from Jacksonville, Florida. What do you think of the art scene in Sacramento compared to Jacksonville?
I haven’t been able to experience much of the art scene in Sacramento (I haven’t been here that long), except the art displayed at local midtown coffee shops and Bows which I’ve been stoked about, but where is the art scene? I would say I’ve been able to experience much more of an artistic community in Jacksonville with D.I.Y art venues & house shows,  with friends coming together to make music and art happen on a weekly basis.

Your tumblr notes that your work is inspired by nature and psychedelia. Why, and how did that come about?
All of my pieces are a display of how I perceive nature and life through past experiences or current emotions toward something going on at the moment. I am in awe the beauty of nature’s patterns on a daily basis, the wings of a butterfly, the intricate beautiful craft of a flower, the clouds, the oceans waves. We are surrounded by it and  we are a part of it!



Describe your process when making a piece.
I start out by finding a piece of wood or frame I want to work on, once an idea is usually crafted in my head or drawn on paper I like to scrounge around all my materials and pick my favorites for what I’m trying to convey in the piece. I cut out a lot of material, go through books and books and put it together like a puzzle. Scraps everywhere, its a mess but it’s super fun and super rewarding when it’s done!

Have you had any art-related schooling? If not, how would you describe your learning experience?
A lot of my learning experiences have been self taught. I’ve been experimenting with spray paint, drawing, painting, installations and collage work for a few years now. I  also took an awesome Art Design class last year that helped me with a lot of basics.



Where have you exhibited artwork anywhere in the past?
My artwork has been exhibited at Burro Bags and Chomp Chomp in Jacksonville, Fl. I’ve made some fliers and I have also done a few art installations for the band National Dairy during live shows, and my band Ascetic.

What professional artist do you admire?
This may sound a bit silly but no one really comes to mind except my birth father. His artwork has been my inspiration to start getting creative and start expressing myself through art. I never got a chance to meet him but his artwork lives on and makes me want to keep creating whether it be through music or collage work.

Some of your collages have been used for concert/event posters. Do you feel that adding this commercial element to artwork changes its meaning or importance in any way?
I’ve always been stoked about making fliers for the shows, I don’t feel it really ruins any element. Everyone  is going to perceive the piece the way they choose to. I usually like to make the flier according to the type of music that will be happening at the show anyway.

Why do you use baby doll parts in some of your work?

Ha! I haven’t done this in awhile but I do have a huge bag of material I need to figure out what do with, maybe a giant baby head sculpture. I love the creepy factor baby dolls have, whats up with that? Why do you want creepy replicas of humans ? It’s just so weird and fascinating to me.


Thanks, Ally! Check out Cerebral Fantasies this second Saturday. RSVP here!

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