Ava Mendoza’s Unnatural Ways, Nick Millevoi, and Gentleman Surfer: 4/9



Unnatural Ways

Unnatural Ways

Unnatural Ways is a trio comprised of  guitarist Ava Mendoza, drummer Nick Tamburro and “bass synth” player Dominique Leone. They’ve been together for about a year. Mendoza started out playing classical guitar  and was listed as one of “10 Female Guitarists You Should Know” by Guitar World. Mendoza described Unnatural Ways as “a type of punk-jazz and that we go on warped blues excursions. Basically we all come from backgrounds in rock and in jazz, we all love going on improvisational benders, and we play how we like to play together.” Mendoza is also involved in several other groups, including The Dominique Leone Band, Mendoza Di Gasbarro, Regenerorchester, and Quok.

Mendoza has released a solo record, Shadow Stories, and a record with Tamburro titled Quit Your Unnatural Ways. The current trio made a CDR for their recent European tour, and has a full length in the works with Eli Crews (Deerhoof, Mike Watt) that they’ll be recording this summer


Nick Millevoi

Nick Millevoi

Nick Millevoi is a Philedelphia-based solo guitarist. “My style involves a lot of drones, volume, feedback, and pretty raw guitar noise,” said Millevoi. “It’s definitely different from when I started performing solo sets. I was playing pieces that were much more technical and riff-based, and those pieces are on my first album, Black Figure of a Bird. Some of the noise and drone elements are present on that, but after I toured that set of material, I decided to get a little more deep space with it.” Millevoi is also involved in  number of other groups: his band Many Arms, a duo called Archer Spade, and a collaboration with Edward Ricart.

Millevoi released his latest album, In White Sky, last fall. He’s working on new material that will be recorded later this summer.


Gentleman Surfer photo by Addam Gourd

Gentleman Surfer
photo by Addam Gourd

Gentleman Surfer started as the solo project of drummer Jon Bafus in 2007. He released his first official Gentleman Surfer album, Bountiful Ore, when he played at Bows in November 2011. Since then Gentleman Surfer has expanded to include Drew Walker and Barry Swars. They recently released an album titled Blalks, which was funded entirely through indiegogo. “The easygoing, weird nature of [Bountiful Ore’s] songs have almost nothing in common, however, with the spastic avant-punk assault on…Blalks,” wrote Aaron Carnes in SN&R’s feature piece on Gentleman Surfer. “It ended up becoming a more raw band,” Bafus told Carnes. “When I’m playing by myself, it doesn’t have the same energy. I’ve been playing with Drew and Barry almost two years. They’ve turned it into something more alive.”

Gentleman Surfer has just finished a West Coast tour.


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