DJ Rock Bottom presents TST MKR: 4/6


Join us for a special event this Saturday, hosted by DJ Rock Bottom!

“I’ve been performing as DJ Rock Bottom for 8 years,” said DJ Rock Bottom. “I would describe my dj style as soulful, eclectic & unique. Every song serves a purpose for the picture I want to paint. It’s about real music for real people. What excites me is a good groove, a thick beat and the crazy colors & patterns music creates. It’s almost spiritual. My style, I don’t know I’m just passionate about good music.”
DJ Rock Bottom defines TST MKR/Taste Maker as: “One whose form of art is to create or strongly influence what is considered to by stylish, acceptable, or worthwhile in a given sphere of society, music and life. Living within the highest standard of creativity and uniqueness. It was dreamed up to be a place where great minds think alike.”
Starts at 8pm
$5 Door Charge
$1 off drafts with hand stamp
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