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We are exhibiting the work of an amazing local artist in July! Metamorphosis features mixed media art by Sinisha Glisic. Glisic’s pieces incorporate drawings, paintings, and digital photography that are combined and layered using photo manipulation software. This transformation of the work draws upon the theme of the exhibition, in addition to Glisic’s personal life. A refugee from the Balkans, Glisic’s artwork in Metamorphosis reflects his memories of a war-torn Yugoslavia, with imagery and subject matter that include pain, uncertainty, and the removal of it. I recently talked with Glisic about his work:


How long have you been making art?

Since I was 13 or 14. In Yugoslavia I went to a high school with a strong emphasis in the arts, which is where I learned the “classical” style (color, form, composition) and graphic design. I have used my current style of analog and digital mixed media for the last 4 or 5 years. I have also been making music since I was young, but it is much more experimental than my visual art.

Prayer on the Mountain SMaGl Copyright 200ppi


Could you tell me more about you style?

My painting style is best described as mixed media. I start with hand-drawn sketches and digital photos I’ve taken and use Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter to combine the images, manipulate them, layer them, and paint them over digitally to the point that they are not recognizable. I also use 3-D software to generate unusual shapes or render whole pictures and bring that into the mix.


Your artwork is about the pain you experienced in the past. Do you think your work will ever change, or that you will be at peace with your past?

My obsession with pain has always been present. I can only paint successfully when I feel pain. If I force myself to work when I’m in a good mood it doesn’t turn out the same.  My self exploration in the last few years has led to the emergence of more dirt, distress and old secrets.



Why haven’t you shown in the states before?

I have only recently in the past few years had a good amount of time to dedicate to making art, before that having familial and work obligations. And I did not have the self confidence to exhibit when I first moved to America.


What makes you the happy?

I don’t think I have ever discovered happiness, unless chemically induced. Of course I have pleasurable moments, like when I see my granddaughter, but I have yet to experience peace. I have always been too obsessed with the past or future to enjoy the present. I am in the process of re-discovering myself, and that journey brings out dark feelings.




Metamorphosis will be on view July 5-31. Join us for the opening reception July 5, 6-9 PM. For more information on Glisic, visit his website. RSVP to the reception here.



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