Majestic 12: Photography by Natalie Head



The next exhibition in our Bows Bathroom Art series is Majestic 12, featuring photography by Natalie Head.  I asked Head some questions about her work:


Does your artistic process differ when creating mixed media sculpture compared to taking photos?

I think the mindset is the same, any creative process allows you to inhabit that great spot when you are inspired by everything.  I always am telling a story, I am not sure if it will come out in the art or how, but I don’t think it really needs to, it gives me a narrative path to move down as I work.

I often create sculptures specifically to be photographed deciding only after the fact if the piece works for me on its own too. Even if I am creating a sculpture to stand on its own I always imagine it being photographed. Sometimes I will just take pictures of things as I work on them to see them from different angles.

I recently read an interview with Alan Moore where he talks about there being very little difference between magic and art, both are aspects of the same part of human experience: the will to create. Magic isn’t about the outside world but the world of the mind. The only real way to manifest that world is art or magic. That sort of thinking just makes me so excited to keep creating.




What photography gear do you use?

I have a very rudimentary Canon SLR, which I love. I have a couple cheap lenses.  I feel like anymore camera or equipment would be totally lost on me.


How would you define your style?

Warm, familiar, nostalgic, welcoming, funny,  confusing, I want to create art that gives you a sense of Deja Vu but you never really figure out for what.




How large of a role does post-processing have in your photography?

Pretty big on some projects, I mean I always use something, but at the same time want to avoid that postcard photoshopped look.  With Instagram and the internet everything has a filter, everything has such a homogenized look and while that look is cool and pretty I try not to let it affect or dictate my work too much. Photoshop is just another tool, but when everyone uses the same tools the same way things can come out all the same.  I haven’t ever really learned to use any editing software correctly, so what I am doing and how I am achieving it is probably mortifying to a pro.


What contemporary artists excite you?

So many, I love Stuart Heygarth’s found object chandeliers, I saw an exhibit by an artist named Jennifer Angus a few years ago, she creates insects and objects from bees wax, the room fills with the smell of the wax, a very immersive experience, . Gillian Wearing,  Naoya Itake Yama. Having a studio at the Verge is also lets me see lots of work from artists that excite me.


Thanks, Natalie! You can find more info on Head’s work on her blog. Majestic 12 will be on view July 13-August 8. RSVP to Majestic 12 here!


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