Ruhstaller’s Tripel Dipper Release Party: 7/12



We are excited to host the release party for Ruhstaller Beer‘s new brew, Tripel Dipper, with label art by local designer Melissa Arendt!

Bows owner Trisha Rhomberg came up with the idea to put local art on local beer bottles, and Ruhstaller was the perfect candidate. “Since Bows’ Evolution into an art gallery and beer and wine bar, I have been able to watch 90% of sales go to beer, and 10% to art and wanted to find a way to help shift those figures to tip more towards the artists,” she said. “I thought that getting local art on local beer bottles was a good way to get the artist some more visibility and a little cash, and at the same time help promote good new beer coming out of Sacramento.”

The idea was to release three special beers with local art labels throughout the year. The first is Tripel Dipper, a Belgian Tripel (strong Pale Ale) featuring artwork by Melissa Arendt, a local artist and graphic designer.

“I dig beer, I adore our community and I’m obsessed with art & design so I’m thrilled to be involved in a collaboration of the 3,” said Arendt. “I also hugely respect Ruhstaller and their mission of locally crafting damn good beer”


Arendt wanted to design a label that stayed true to her aesthetic and also represented the beer (which she describes as “like a party in your mouth”) and Sacramento summers.

“I saw color when I closed my eyes and tasted Ruhstaller’s Tripel Dipper. It is vibrant while still being very clean and refreshing…it’s perfect for summer! I’m a clean freak when it comes to my art and I also try to aesthetically excite the eyes, so perhaps there’s some correlation there.”

Arendt’s label incorporates her usual style of colorful cells she called “clusterfucks”. “Within the clusters I incorporated little scenes that scream ‘Sacramento in the summertime!’ So I included people hanging out on their front porch, trees, as well as a group of stars.

This beer and art release is truly a reflection of Sacramento’s creative potential. “I am very proud to be a part of the Sacramento scene,” said Rhomberg. “I have always felt like there is a lot of talent, energy and great people to work with. My favorite thing about Sacramento has been watching how we support each other.”

Event from 6-9pm
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