Richard Pinhas with Barry Cleveland, Practice and Ross Hammond: 9/18


Bows and Arrows is proud to present and host two musicians known well for their unique respective approaches to experimentation and innovation, Richard Pinhas from Paris, France, and Barry Cleveland from San Francisco. Both will perform together as a duo at Bows on September 18th following performances by both Sacramento jazz-guitarist staple, Ross Hammond, and avant-prog quartet, Practice.


Despite his vast influence on experimental and electronic music, Richard Pinhas (b. 1951) still remains unknown to the world at large. Having pioneered progressive guitar and electronic fusion techniques in the 1970s analogous to Robert Fripp of King Crimson, Pinhas came to be recognized as the father of electronic music in France. His works with former outfit Heldon bravely combined analog synthesizers with fierce live instrumentation, achieving a form held all on its own still to this day.

Traces of his influence can be seen everywhere from the costumes donned by Daft Punk, purportedly inspired by the cover of Heldon’s 1978 Interface release, to the wall-of-sound guitar stylings employed by Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine. Since the demise of Heldon in 1979, who were also noted for comprising alumni from legendary zeuhl founders, Magma, Pinhas has remained vigilant as a solo artist, releasing five albums under his own name from 1976 to 1982.

In 1991, Pinhas became affiliated with world-renowned experimental/jazz label Cuneiform Records; a partnership that endures to this day. Through Cuneiform, all of Pinhas’s previous works have been reissued, causing a resurgence in attention. This show will mark the first time an artist from the acclaimed label has performed at Bows and Arrows.

The 2000s have seen Pinhas as prolific as ever, with five solo releases to his credit since the dawn of the millennium, amidst collaborations with noise legend Merzbow and prog-rock guru Tatsuya Yoshida, and several others. Now 40 years into his musical career, Richard Pinhas still continues to evolve and expand on his own technique. The release of his latest album, 2013′s Desolation Row shows Pinhas “still in the thick of things, continually reinventing his musical conceptions and recognizing no conventional constraints.”

Recently completing a string of tour dates in Japan, Richard Pinhas is now embarking on his first west coast tour in over ten years, which includes a headlining appearance at the San Francisco Electronic Music Festival before heading to Sacramento for his first performance ever in the city.



Barry Cleveland

Performing alongside Pinhas is fellow guitarist and musical innovator, Barry Cleveland, whose first album Mythos saw release on Larry Fasts’ legendary Audion Recording Company label in 1986.

Beyond his broad palette spanning multiple genres ranging from ambient, experimental, world fusion, psychedelic and progressive rock, Cleveland has also served as associate editor for Guitar Player Magazine since 2002. Having first experimented with looping technology in the early 1980s, Cleveland has since developed a sophisticated technique for live-looping with a plethora of aural possibilities.

Richard Pinhas and Barry Cleveland will arrive in Sacramento fresh out of the studio after recording their first collaborative effort as a duo, and will surely deliver a performance rarely offered anywhere in the region. Of the entire west coast, Sacramento is one of three cities (Oakland and Vancouver, CAN) Pinhas and Cleveland will perform together.

written by Zack Bissell


Opening for Pinhas and Cleveland will be local artists Practice and Ross Hammond.


Show starts at 8
$10 Door Charge
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