Beer Jelly Brunch: 9/22


We are excited to host a Beer Jelly Brunch on September 22nd, featuring beer from Berryessa Brewing Company!

What is Beer Jelly, you say? I asked Sasha from Berryessa Brewing Company some questions to find out.

What exactly is beer jelly? What do you use it for? 

Beer Jelly is a spread or preserve made from fruit juice and in this case, beer, and sugar and boiled to a thick consistency to be used on toast at the Bows and Arrows Beer Jelly Brunch.

What type of beer is the jelly made out of? 
The plan is to use four different beers that have been carefully selected by Gabe for four different jellies prepared by Gabe. At this time, the beers that have been chosen are Common Sense (California Common), Whippersnapper (Mild English Ale), Saison (Farmhouse-Style Ale)and Double Tap (Double IPA). All of the beers are brewed by Berryessa Brewing Company.

Will be serving your beers that day as well? If so, do you know which ones?

Our beer will be available to drink with brunch as well. Who doesn’t love a breakfast beer? I’m guessing that the beers that will be available are the beers that are in the recipe for the jelly. Berryessa beers can often be found at Bows and Arrows!! Olivia and Trisha are awesome supporters of our brewery!
In addition to the beer jelly our regular brunch menu will be available, featuring delicious items such as the Ranchero burrito, Eggs Benedict, and Breakfast Sandwich.
Event will run from 11am-3pm and admission is free of charge!
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