NIGHT: A Special Ruhstaller Beer Collaboration with Jose Di Gregorio, 10/4


Sacramento’s Ruhstaller Brewing Company has teamed up with local artists to create a special line of beers featuring unique designs. “Night” is the second release in this line (the first being Melissa Arendt’s Tripel Dipper), and features art by Jose Di Gregorio.

Jose’s cosmic, geometric designs are becoming well known around Sacramento (and beyond), but this is the first time they’ve been featured on a beer bottle.

“For me it’s a collaboration I never could have imagined doing,” said Jose. “I’m honored. Ruhstaller has been coming through repeatedly in supporting local arts and culture agencies. They’ve been very present with Verge Center for the Arts (where I have my studio), and so it’s great to drink quality artisan beer while at a Verge function, not just some bullshit PBR.”


Night is a 9.0% ABV English-style California-grown Barley wine, which Jose picked for its heaviness that matches the “stark, yet refined contrast” of the black glass bottle and white lines of his design. “Normally I can’t stand the sweetness of a barley wine, but as an English-style it had the right level of malt and hops,” he said. “Ruhstaller batched it just right so that it was enjoyable for me to drink.”

JE Paino of Ruhstaller said the beer, which he calls the Di Gregorio, is “meant to be enjoyed after a meal – as an aperitif – but its sweet yet still smooth finish makes it great for any fall or winter

Jose described his design as a “simple, almost universal pattern that signified ‘night’.


The beer release will coincide with the art opening for Night: New Work by Jose Di Gregorio and Jared Tharp, from 6-9pm on October 4th. Come by and enjoy some local beer and local art!

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