Short Center Art Show


The gallery show for November is brought to you by Short Center South,  a nonprofit fine arts program that has been serving the Sacramento area for over twenty years.


One of the many purposes of Short Center South is to allow artists with developmental disabilities the opportunity to create their art in a studio like setting. The artists at Short Center have the opportunity to be mentored by professional working artists from the Sacramento area. Artists at Short Center are empowered to develop their own personal artistic style. The artwork exhibited here is a great example of the diverse quality of artistic expressions produced by the artists.


All of the artists who attend the center are adults who have been working on their craft for many years. Some of them have been coming to the center for as long the program has existed. Many have become professional artists in their own right, developing their own style, having numerous exhibitions and selling their work. Proceeds of artwork purchased go directly back to the artists, further encouraging artistic and personal growth. It is always an honor for us to be able to share this incredible art work with the public.


The opening reception for this show will take place on December 6th from 6-9 pm

The show will be on display from December 6th to January 1st.

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