Mobile Sound Lab with Liz Barton and Skye Bergen



Mobile Sound Lab: An interactive  sound installation

by Liz Barton

and Skye Bergen


Liz Barton is a performer, educator, multimedia artist, and a “maker of sound and other wondrous things. Skye Bergen is an artist, organizer, and punk-rock drummer. Together they conceived and initiated the Mobile Sound Lab.Their first stop is here at Bows & Arrows. The public is invited to explore and play hand-made and carefully placed object-instruments. Barton and Bergen designed and built  a fort-like structure out of doors and panels creating an intimate spiral-space to explore sound, play, and composition. 


Inside the Lab,  is an IPOD, external mic, and headphones with instructions on how to record loops on the application Loopy. Composing begins. The player can be solo or with others and has the option to upload their compositions to Soundcloud.



Also in the gallery are hand-made instruments, sculpture, and digital images by Liz Barton using her famous bottle-caps and the remnants from a dismantled piano.



This work will be on view through the end of the month.











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