Spring Shopping at the POP UP

While we watch the on-going construction of the new location, you can still shop our selection of VINTAGE, HANDMADE and NEW items at the Downtown Plaza!

During the Holiday season, Bows and Arrows had two pop up shops inside the downtown plaza to help bring some locally made goods and unique selections to the mix of what mall shoppers might expect to find, while hoping to turn some new customers onto the shop on 19th street, and what we offered there. It was a great success for the holiday season and I’d like to thank Tre Borden from Exhibit S , and Michelle Alexander from FLYWHEEL for letting us join the party downtown. (And incase you were wondering, no, the rent is not free in the Downtown Plaza, but the Arts and Business Council did negotiate a lower rate for smaller, newer businesses. Thanks ABC!)

As we all know, the downtown plaza is set for demolition, and will be replaced by the new ARENA. Our pop up will be located inside the FLYWHEEL shop along side JUNIPER JAMES and MEDIUM RARE RECORDS until April 2014.   (The Downtown plaza is at 7th -5th streets and L st – J st….we are directly across from Lenscrafters in the L st. and 6th st. wing)

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I’m talking today with the community development department to make sure that the next space we take over in April/MAY-OCT 2014 will be zoned and permitted for all kinds of events so we can quickly re-add ART and LIVE MUSIC happenings back to BOWS AND ARROWS! Stay tuned, the break won’t last too long!

I’ll be having friends guest blog and add info on local shows and fun things to do while I learn how to be a mom.

Feel free to shoot me questions: trisha@bowscollective.com
and set up summer/ fall events : booking@bowscollective.com


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You can also find items for sale online HERE .

This is a handy phone AP shop that makes buying from

your smartphone pretty easy.


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