Taylor Kohl – “Alm”
Anyone who has frequented any number of Bows and Arrows performances during the last two years is bound to have encountered native Sacramento musician Taylor Kohl working diligently behind the sound board, if not performing himself on a handful of occasions with avant-rock outfits Practice and Buff Clout (once). Those who call him friend have surely noted a charm that is distinctly his own; one of calm, introspective, and well-cultured properties- wise beyond his years in knowledge of music and style. Closer friends and peers in music have certainly acknowledged inspiration from his work, one common form being a strengthened drive to push boundaries and explore beyond conventional forms. To this writer, the feeling was first truly exemplified with Taylor’s 2012 far out lo-fi EP “IVnicate,” although it had become clear to me far sooner, upon witnessing his former band Wassup Foolie, that  we had a future star in our midst.
Enter 2014, with the arrival of Taylor’s first proper full-length, “Alm.” Packed with a myriad of styles, sounds, and influences, the listener is faced with the delightful challenge of finding anything similar to liken it with against all odds.“Alm” is equally as accessible as it is adventurous, with each of its nine tracks guiding the listener through realms both dark and ethereal, provocative yet poppy, contemplative yet playful; all veiled within its distinct hazy dream-like atmosphere and alluring vocal harmonies. One might attempt to attribute known terms to describe the work, be it progressive electronic, vaporwave, chillwave, electro-pop, chiptunes, art pop, or whatever else comes to mind, though be assured that any of these terms alone fail to describe the brevity of the work as a whole.
You can stream “Alm” free at Taylor’s Bandcamp page, or donate a measly two bucks to have it in the digital format of your choice. Either way, those interested in exploring some of the freshest sounds coming out of Sacramento currently may do so here:
-Zack Bissell


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