My little family moved into the WAREHOUSE ARTIST LOFTS (WAL) a few weeks ago, and we are very excited to

have a little more space to paint, sew, play music, make jewelry and collaborate with our friends.

I started going door-to-door yesterday and introducing myself because

I want to know who my neighbors are and how we can

support each other.

I’m going to get everyone’s face and skills compiled through this @WAL_WORLD insta

I live to collaborate.


Opening up a new shop with my friends in a month!

Rachel from Racks, Erica from Twice, (holdmygold vintage, pretty trashy) and Arlene “GPA” with

great vintage treasure from all over the country!

The shop is called OLD GOLD and we will offer vintage, handmade and new clothing and accessories for men and women.

I am very proud to be commissioning local artists and makers to produce our own in house line of products at OLD GOLD!

(like the OLD GOLD Facebook Here)

(follow us on insta HERE@shop_old_gold)

Stay tuned for the OFFICIAL opening dates, but for now, you can pencil in the 11th of April….

Here is a Save-the-Date….

We are opening in the ground floor of the WAL building along with our friends at:

METROJUICE who will serve cold pressed delicious healthy treats in addition to

coffee, beer and wine,

FISH FACE- a KRU sushi venture also with adult beverages,

MEDIUMRARE Records and Collectibles – Highest quality vinyl and some rad Beatles memorabilia,

Kicksville Vintage and Vinyl Records • 45′s • Vintage • Mid Century • Decor & So Much More!

BENJAMINS – Ben makes his own cashmere shoes !

MOROKKRAFT- Morrocan import showroom #boucherouite,

These will be Super fun parties ALL SUMMER LONG on R STREET.

Let’s make it happen. Reach out.




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