Regenerate: Artwork by Chelsea Greninger

During the month of August we are exhibiting work by Sacramento artist Chelsea Greninger. Regenerate houses an assortment of metaphorical drawings about the destruction and regeneration of life. Taxidermy birds, images of elephant hunting and whaling mixed with living insects, birds, bees, bulbs and tubers illustrate the contrast of destruction and regeneration. Below is our […]

July Artist: Sinisha Glisic

  We are exhibiting the work of an amazing local artist in July! Metamorphosis features mixed media art by Sinisha Glisic. Glisic’s pieces incorporate drawings, paintings, and digital photography that are combined and layered using photo manipulation software. This transformation of the work draws upon the theme of the exhibition, in addition to Glisic’s personal […]

Pararelativistic Omnipotence: June Gallery Exhibition

For the month of June, we are exhibiting paintings by Omar Arason.  I asked Omar some questions regarding his work:   Are your paintings influenced by any contemporary artists? The short answer is yes. Though in the past few years I’ve found it to be too distracting to look at too many artists, as it […]

Moving Stills: Artwork by Allyson Seconds

  For the month of May, the photography of Allyson Seconds will be featured in our bathroom art series!     What is your medium of choice? I entered my major in Art Studio at UC Davis firstly as a ceramic sculptor. During a photography course to learn to document my sculpture work, I fell […]