NIGHT: A Special Ruhstaller Beer Collaboration with Jose Di Gregorio, 10/4

Sacramento’s Ruhstaller Brewing Company has teamed up with local artists to create a special line of beers featuring unique designs. “Night” is the second release in this line (the first being Melissa Arendt’s Tripel Dipper), and features art by Jose Di Gregorio. Jose’s cosmic, geometric designs are becoming well known around Sacramento (and beyond), but […]

Zeal Kombucha now on tap at Bows & Arrows!

We are excited to announce that we are now offering Zeal Kombucha on tap at Bows! Kombucha is a bubbly, fermented tea made from active bacteria & yeast cultures. It’s been around since the 1900s, but has recently become very popular as a probiotic (and tasty) drink. Zeal Kombucha was started by Zac Nelson and […]

Mindful Parenting Class: Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday

Join Heather Diamond every 2nd and 4th Tuesday at Bows from 11am-12:15 to learn about Mindful Parenting! We asked Heather some questions about Mindful Parenting: What is Mindful Parenting? Mindful Parenting is a movement where the elements of Mindfulness, as outlined by Jon Kabat-Zinn, are brought into the parent/child relationship. There are several pilot programs […]

Peter Case, Deep Ellum and Gasoline Silver: 6/20

****** Acclaimed singer-songwriter and indie-rock pioneer PETER CASE brings his deeply rooted take on rock’n’roll to California clubs in June, accompanied by DEEP ELLUM, and GASOLINE SILVER. All three bands feature singer-songwriter-guitarists with sensibilities that register on the scale of Case’s own visionary but fundamental rock’n’roll. Ron Franklin of Gasoline Silver has been a friend and collaborator since […]

Josiah Leming and Spencer Borup: 6/8

******* Josiah Leming taught himself to play the piano and started writing music at age 8. At 17, he dropped out of high school to pursue his dream of being a singer-songwriter. Leming made it through two rounds of American Idol‘s Season 7, “deemed a favorite by the show’s controversial judge Simon Cowell.” After being […]

Katie and the Lichen, OK Vancouver OK and Peggy Benks: 6/4

********** Katie and the Lichen Location: Vancouver Genre:Pop “A 3 piece pop-verisimilitudes/sister/pop-verite, all female band. Playing ukes, and melodicas, guitars and drums, and more, they focus on the anti-pop-anti-folk aspects of the lo-fi music universe, this includes crunching class divisions and endorsing and eating feminism. They are unladylike. They are encouragable, endearing and effing adorable.” […]

Sun Angle, And And And, and Pregnant: 6/1

********* Sun Angle Location: Portland Genre: Tropical Psych Phase Punk Band Members: Charlie Salas Humara, Papi Fimbres, Marius Libman “Central and South American footsteps traverse through Sun Angle’s veins, blending SST punk, Cumbia, and pop in a wash of psychedelic filth. Sun Angle ride the line between chaos and pop, making music all it’s own.” […]

The LURK, Drive Thru Mystics and Crazy Eyes: 4/30

********** The LURK Location: Sacramento Genre: One man band Band members: Nick Carvajal Carvajal described his performances as The LURK as “somewhat of a spectacle”. “I play a suitcase as a kick drum, and kick a snare drum on its side – so that my feet are the drummer,” he said. “I play guitar, sing, […]

Instagon, Jenn Rogar, and Iron Hearts: 4/23

*********** Instagon Location: Sacramento Genre: Noise/Experimental/Garage Jazz Band Members: Lob Instagon, Bob Scott, Michael Curval “With Lob playing the lead bass guitar at the foundation of the group, Instagon never repeats the same ensemble. No practice, no rehearsal, live improvisational riff riding ..Garage Jazz.. taking a garage band, and playing jazz idea structures..never the same […]

Knock Knock, Anna Hillburg and Arts & Leisure: 4/13

********* Knock Knock Location: Sacramento Genre: Rock n’ Roll Band Members: Mike Cinciripino (Lead Guitar), Heather Conway (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar), Allen Maxwell (Vocals, Bass), Christine Shelly (Drums) and Dylan Barnes (Keys).  Sounds Like: Yo La Tengo, Big Star, Galaxie 500, Tom Petty, The Replacements, Bruce Springsteen, Unrest, the Breeders, REM, Ted Leo. Discography: Released their […]