Melinda Arendt


Melinda Arendt was born and raised in California, and has called Sacramento home for 6 years. Her work has always reflected an adoration for nature and recent prints reflect her sympathy for loss of habitat and her reluctant acceptance of progression and innovation. Finishing up her graphic design degree at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, she has temporarily exchanged painting and collage works for graphic and commercial arts. Her portfolio includes everything from Packaging Design and Web Design to Identity & Branding.

She has always surrounded herself with artistic projects, but admits that she has never felt artistic endeavors to be a therapeutic act, though she admires those who work with such haphazard brilliance. Melinda thrives on a technical and tedious process. Perhaps this is why she has recently gravitated towards old printing methods, such as linocuts, lithography and etching. Her design work has been entered into multiple group shows in San Francisco, and she has been involved with solo and group shows in Sacramento.

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