Why You Must Not Drink Wine on an Empty Stomach

Despite all the proven health benefits of wine, never take it on an empty stomach. Besides, you enjoy the taste of the flavor by slowly swirling it through your mouth. The alcoholic drink needs no digestion; instead, it’s directly absorbed in the bloodstream.

It means it instantly takes effect on the nervous system. Without food, the high absorption rate confuses the brain functions hence the misbehavior. Diet reduces this process by controlling your actions, emotions, and movement once you have your glass. What are the don’ts while taking wine?

The first warning is our point of focus in this article. The reasons why you shouldn’t take wine before meals are

Reduces the rate of uncontrolled actions and behavior

Food reduces the speed at which the wine takes effect on your body. The delay provides ample time to digest as you think through your actions. However, once you engage in a glass without taking a meal, the speed overwhelms the control of the body functions.

It explains the uncontrolled behaviors of most wine lovers, the worst scenarios when you overindulge in wine drinking. The balance between input and output wears the body functions faster than the optimum levels. You can now explain why people pass out at some point in their drinking journey.

Protects the liver cells against restructuring

The liver controls all the metabolic functions of the body. The immediate digestion process sends a signal to the brain of a faster body action than usual. The liver, in return, to also produce more cells than usual.

The overall effect of this is the restructuring of the liver cells. The main harmful effect is liver inflammation, among other liver-related illnesses like liver cirrhosis common among alcohol abusers.

Enhances weight loss

Numerous studies prove that wine consumption on an empty stomach stimulates a hunger feeling. According to one study, people fond of taking wine before meals take almost 25 percent more food than the ones who take after meals.

Unless you are in a weight gain program- which is unlikely- exercise the habit of filling your stomach before a wine-drinking spree. Fitness instructors use this as a secret to fast attain their fitness goals.

Which foods are ideal before your glass of beer?

The best option for before-wine meals is smoked dishes. You now know why most pubs have smokers within the premises.

What’s the best wine temperature?

The temperature of the wine has no rule. Whether you take it at room temperature or cold, it all depends on your taste.

According to the second “don’ts,” if you want a chilled wine, then a kegerator comes in handy to keeping it cold. It acts as a refrigerator. Moreover, it takes care of our second warning- Don’t add ice cubes to wine.

Wine is an alcoholic drink associated with class and pleasure. Sip it slowly with a lot of dignity to prevent shameful acts while on a special occasion. There is no hurry when enjoying this hard drink.

Maintain its status by upholding its integrity in the social circles.

The lovers of wine are people of integrity. Please take note: it’s the most expensive drink among all the other alcoholic beverages. Why demean it through selfish acts?


  • Never take wine on an empty stomach

  • Don’t add ice cubes to wine

  • It’s not advisable to fill your wine glass

  • Don’t mix wine brands

  • Don’t drink wine from a bottle, instead, use a glass as a substitute

  • Don’t drink more than three glasses of wine in a day