About  Wine


If you haven’t tasted wine then you don’t know what fermented grapes are all about. People confuse wine and beer. As much as they are all alcoholic drinks the raw materials used in the brewing process explain the difference. 


Wine is made from fermented grapes while alcohol is made from fermented grains. The difference in alcoholic content is an article for another day.

Kinds of Wine

There are different kinds of wine, some kinds are red wine, white wine, sparkling wine, rose wine, dessert wine, fruit wine, and honey wine. 

Most Famous kind of Wines

These are some of the most common kind of wine.

Red Wine

White Wine

Sparkling Wine

What Makes wine special?

Wine has a long history dated back since ancient times. It all begins with good ingredients. Also, once you know the process of how its made, you will have more appreciation for it and how special it is.